Davit Khachatryan involved as a Defendant on the Case of Lyuks Stepanyan’s Murder

As a result of preliminary inquiry into the criminal case of Lyuks Stepanyan’s murder as well as after operational measures a number of circumstances of the case were disclosed.


Considering the public interest regarding the case the RA Military Prosecution Office informs that according to the preliminary inquiry data. At about 15:30 on 15.05.2013, Davit Khachatryan, soldier of N military detachment, quarreled with Lyuks Stepanyan, soldier of the same military detachment. During the quarrel Khachatryan fired shots from his AKM automatic rifle and fatally wounded soldier Stepanyan in the head. The latter died in place. Another soldier Hrachya Sargsyan was wounded at head as well and was transported to the hospital of Noyemberyan city.


A criminal proceeding under the requirements of Article 104 (point 6 of part 2) of the Criminal Code – “murder committed in a way dangerous for the life of many people” was launched by the Investigative Service of the Defense Ministry.


On 15.05.2013, Davit Khachatryan was arrested under the suspect of administration of crime under Article 104 (point 6 of part 2) of the Criminal Code of the RA and was questioned.


After the investigation of the place, examination of the victim’s body and other investigative and judiciary activities, taking samples for research, etc, a medical forensic and ballistic investigation was appointed. All people who were present in place during the crime were questioned.


Today on 18.05.2013, a decision on detention of Davit Khachatryan under the requirements of  Article 104 (point 6 of part 2) and Article 112 (1) of the Criminal Code of the RA; as well as filing a petition to the Court with request to set detention as a mean of restraint against Khachatryan was made.


Currently Davit Khachatryan is kept in the isolation ward of the Military Police of the RA in Vanadzor.


Note. Everyone charged with a criminal offense shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty by the court verdict lawfully entered into force as prescribed by Criminal Procedure Code.


Source: Iravaban.net

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