Armenia has offered the CSTO Partners to start the Process of Replacing the Secretary General: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Tigran Balayan answered the question of

Question: Yuri Khachaturov has been charged by the SIS. What is the significance of this circumstance and what its impact will be over the CSTO Secretariat? shall we nominate someone from our country or will the nominee be from another country?

Answer: This is a strictly a domestic legal process and a citizen of Armenia is involved in the criminal case currently in process in Armenia. At the same time, given the fact that the issue related to the CSTO Secretary General’s office is currently being discussed and attaching great importance to the reputation and uninterrupted work of the Organization, Armenia has proposed the CSTO partner countries to start the process of replacing the Secretary General.

Armenia is very loyal to the commitment to strengthen and empower the CSTO and will continue to be actively involved in the joint work in this direction.

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