Decision to grant New Powers to the Anti-Corruption Council will be made

The Anti-Corruption Council is also encouraged to include the coordination of co-operation activities with donors. The Executive branch shall take a decision in this relation at the Government meeting tomorrow on February 15.

The draft indicates that coordination of cooperation with international donor organizations involved in the fight against corruption is one of the key components for the development and coordination of anti-corruption policy,

Donors play a key role in promoting anti-corruption reforms in Armenia taking into account the fact that a number of anti-corruption measures are funded by donors. Within the framework of the third stage of the Monitoring Group of the Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the international community representatives confirmed that donor coordination was a serious challenge and there was no effective mechanism to ensure financing events and avoid double funding.

Within the framework of the third round of the OECD Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan, the 2014 Anti-Corruption Reforms Report, Armenia was offered to set up a coordination mechanism for cooperation with donors in the context of 23 commitments of the Republic of Armenia, given the fact that no such mechanism has been established in Armenia.

Taking into account the fact that the Anti-Corruption Council is currently the key platform for discussing key issues related to anti-corruption policy, the draft recommends that the Anti-Corruption Council shall also be entrusted with the coordination of co-operation with donors. At the same time, the draft stipulates that, apart from its regular sessions, the Council shall, at least once a year, convene a session on cooperation with donors.

The adoption of the project will create a mechanism for donors to provide effective and transparent funding in the fight against corruption.

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