He did not give out his clothes to anyone in my presence,” the Witness in the Cadet’s Murder Case, about the Night before the Murder

The regular hearing on the case of the murder of Haykaz Barseghyan, the cadet of the Military Institute after Vazgen Sargsyan, took place at the Court of General jurisdiction of Avan and Nor Nork Administrative Districts; presiding Judge Davit Harutyunyan.

Witness Norik Ohanjanyan was again interrogated today. In response to Arkady Barseghyan’s (Haykaz Barseghyan’s father) question, whether Haykaz tried to give out his things to the students explaining that it will not be the next day, the witness said that nothing of the sort had taken place.

“Haykaz Barseghyan was in a good mood after returning from the Opera, I did not notice anything else. He did not give out his clothes to anyone in my presence. I have not heard about it,” the witness said.

It should be noted that Norik Ohanjanyan, a witness in the case, was interrogated for the second time on solicitation of Ara Zakaryan, defendant Gnel Torosyan’s lawyer.

The defendant’s lawyer asked Norik Ohanjanyan. “Officers Avetisyan and Beglaryan stated in their testimony that after Haykaz had disappeared and his bed was found all in bloody, they asked you what had happened at night.” The witness answered to all questions that he did not remember anything.

Ohanjanyan also stated in the court that Gnel Tevosyan’s and Movses Azaryan’s, defendants in the case, relatives had called him and offered to meet, but he refused. According to Ohanjanyan, they wanted to meet him as they wanted him to change his testimony.

Let’s remind that Gnel Tevosyan, Norik Sahakyan, Vache Sahakyan and Movses Azaryan are accused of Cadet Haykaz Barseghyan’s murder. According to the accusation, On January 29, from 02:00 to 03:00, they brutally killed Haykaz Baresghyan in the bedroom of the unit, and then, in order to hide the traces of grime, hung his body on the crossbar on the playground, and wrote on a scrap of paper a note on his behalf that he committed suicide. The defendants do not accept their guilt.

There are 30 witnesses charged Cadet Haykaz Barseghyan’s murder, 5 of them have not yet testified in court. They are servicemen, and one of the key witnesses, Samvel Serobyan, is currently abroad.


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