Around 460 thousand Euros has been allocated for Pursuing Positive Change through Empowering Civil Society

The European Union will fund a two-year project “Pursuing Positive Change through Empowering Civil Society.”

The contract was signed on January 19, by the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation – Armenia (OSIAFA), two CSOs; Institute of Public Policy NGO, Union of Informed Citizens NGO and the Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador Piotr Świtalski.

Capacity building and sub-funding are key tools of the project to provide civil society organizations with the skills and knowledge necessary to monitor, record and report domestic violence-related violations of human rights, the right to fair trial, tolerance, access to quality education and access to health services.

It will serve as a bridge between human rights activists and active youth in Armenia who are interested in gaining greater experience in protecting the rights of Armenians.

The total budget of the project is € 460,035 (the EU contribution is 400,000 euros), helping people to broaden their knowledge of human rights, criminal and social justice.

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