The Online Whistleblowers’ E-platform will support to detect Corruption Crimes. Suren Krmoyan:

Today, the public discussion on the draft decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia “On Approval of the Technical Description and Operation Procedure of the Whistleblowers’ Electronic Platform ” was held with the participation of RA Deputy Minister of Justice Suren Krmoyan.

About two dozen representatives of state and non-governmental organizations were present at the meeting.

Suren Krmoyan welcomed the participants and noted that the by-law submitted to them is in line with the requirements of the RA Law on Whistleblowing System and will significantly contribute to the identification of corruption crimes.

At the public discussion, Ms Arpine Sargsyan, the representative of the RA Ministry of Justice presented to the participants a detailed technical description and maintenance of the unified electronic platform.

Accordingly, the platform will give an informed competent person about corruption and other violations of the law an opportunity to inform the competent state body through the internal and external notification, as well as accessing the electronic platform to select the anonymous data and anonymously informing modes. In the case of the latter, the electronic solutions introduced will guarantee the impossibility of detecting the notifying person’s data.

The presentation was followed by the questions and answers regarding the submitted draft.

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