Property and Income of the Heads of 3 SRC Departments continues to present the declared property and income of the Heads of SRC departments. In the previous publication we referred to SRC Risk Management and Tax Disciplinary Programs, Violation Detection of and Administrative Proceeding Implementation and Legal Departments.

Milael Pashayan

Mikael Pashayan is the Head of SRC IT Department.

He has declared as real estate two apartments and one garden house (summer house).

At the moment of assuming office, his funds totaled to 29,000,000 AMD, $ 42,000 and 39,000 EUROs.

Mikayel Pashayan’s income was 5,148,388 AMD.

Tigran Kirakosyan is the head of SRC Inspection Organization and Monitoring Department.:

The official declared as real estate 3 land plotes, a garage, other real estate located on the ground, 4 different perennial plants.

A Toyota Avalon 3.5 passenger car and two trucks, Ford Transit TD 2.4 and UAZ 3303 are declared as movable property.

Tigran Kirakosyan’s funds at the moment of assuming office totaled to 8,500,000 AMD, $ 73,000 and 28,000 EUROs.

His revenues were received from three sources: salaries of 4.450.148 AMD, 1,350,000 AMD from rent or other compensation for lease, and 5,362 USD for a loan or loan interest.

Arman Poghosyan, Head of the SRC Administration, Methodology, Procedures and Service Department assumed the office in 2016.

He stated in his declaration as a real estate an apartment, a private house, and two land plots.

At the moment of assuming office, he had given for lend $ 10,000,000 and $ 115,359.

His funds totaled to 9,700,000 AMD, 3,500 USD and 2,200 EUROs.

Arman Poghosyan’s revenues totaled to 8.731.099 AMD, of which 6,901,099 AMD from wages and 1,830,000 AMD from the loan interest.

To be continued

Alisa Chilingaryan

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