The Government aims at raising the Salaries by at least 25 %

The Government aims to raise the average salaries by at least 25 %. Aleksandr Khachaturyan, the Executive Director of the Center for Strategic Initiatives and Advisor to the Prime Minister, spoke on this during the 6th Pan-Armenian Armenia-Diaspora Conference, on September 19.

“We want to score at least 5 % economic rise at the average, to bring the export in GDP ratio to 40-45%. We intend to decrease the unemployment at least by 12 % and to raise the average salaries by at least 25 %”, he mentioned.

According to the Advisor of the Prime Minister, the Government carries out a number of steps to update and digitize the business environment. Khachaturyan highlited that as a result, equal competitive conditions will be formed for both local and foreign investors.

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