What is the Favorite Time of New Year for Advocate Liana Balyan?

Advocate Liana Balyan answers Iravaban.net’s questions.

– What was the 2016 distinguished with? What achievements did you have past year? Were there any omissions?

– 2016 was unique in that I won and finished with a victory this year. On 28 December, 2016, I won again. This time the Court of General Jurisdiction of Malatia-Sebastia administrative district (presiding judge K. Farkhoyan), took a decision to replace the arrest of my client Sevak Balabekyan with pledge. I feel really happy. I think this is a very great achievement, because my client is not in prison and would celebrate New Year with his family and children.” In April the National security Service released freedom fighter Aghasi Martirosyan, who was accused in the gang case. And this when the April War began.

– In your opinion, who was the distinguished professional in your sphere this year?

– There are so many advocates who were distinguished with professionalism that I cannot list all their names, because our advocates have victories almost every day. There were many verdicts of acquittal.

– What surprised you most in the past year in your field (adoption of the new laws, verdicts and so on)?

– This year I was very surprised by the prosecutor’s conduct (attack and insults against the advocate). The whole community of advocates came up with a statement condemning such conduct and we hope Prosecutor General’s Office and other relevant bodies will carry out an investigation and legal assessment will be given to the prosecutor’s actions.

– If Santa Claus was a lawyer, what position would you give him?

– If Santa Claus were a lawyer, I would give him the position of judge in order to make a correct and fair verdicts.

– How and with whom do you celebrate the New Year and Christmas?

– I am celebrating the New Year and Christmas days only together with my family. I do not like to celebrate it in a foreign country. I believe New Year is a family holiday. The moment when your family members at 12: 00 pm congratulate each other. Opening gifts looking happy. Look forward to who is the first to open the door of your house, enjoy your hospitality and delicious prepared food. This is above everything else and make worthwhile and happy moments

– Do you appear as a cook in the kitchen on the occasion of the New Year?

– My favorite moment of the New Year on December 31 is cooking “dolma” with vine leaves. I have to say that all our guests like our traditional Armenian “dolma” with vine leaves.

– Your expectations in 2017.

– I expect that the people’s trust towards judicial system shall increase, there is no corruption, the laws are applied duly, all are equal before law, everyone is protected, there are only just verdicts and arrests as preventive measure is applied only in cases of extreme necessity

– What have you asked from Santa Claus?

– I have asked peace for our country and let the people always be and live happy.



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