The Waitress Murder Case: Investigation of the Phone Call Transcripts continued

The court investigation on the case of murder of waitress Mariam Hunanyan continued in the Court of the First Instance of the General Jurisdictional of Ajapnjak and Davitashen. The regular sitting continued the investigation of the calls transcripts.

Davit Tamrazyan was charged in this case. According to the indictment he being personally offended by Mariam Hunanyan, with whom he was in relationship before, but has broken the relations at that moment, having the aim to illegally deprived her from life, on the 7th of May 2013, he went to Mariam Hunanyan’s apartment, which the latter rented, and pretending that he had a surprise gift for her, asked to close eyes. After that he cut Mariam Huanyan’s throat with the kitchen knife, causing her immediate death. Then, having the aim to hide the traces of the crime he set fire in the apartment which is considered to be the scene of the incident and caused property damage of 680.437AMD to the owner of the apartment.

According to the witness Milena Mirijanyan, who was of Davit Tamrazyan’s friend, the culprit called her on that day and invited to the cafe where he showed the photo of the murder, ”Davit called me on that day and asked to meet with him. We met in the, sat there, and he told me some details of the case, that he killed Mariam Hunanyan with a knife, showed photo in phone then deleted it immediately, after this we agreed not to tell the police”, testified the young girl.

In addition the witness declared; “Davit took out the knife from his pocket and I felt the smell of blood from him.”

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