Advocate requires a more Lenient Sentence for the accused sentenced to 11.5 years imprisonment for Human Trafficking

35 years old Heriqnaz Khachatryan was sentenced to11.5 years’ imprisonment by the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Administrative District for trafficking Armenian women to Dubai. The prosecutor petitioned for 13 years imprisonment as a punishment.

According to the “Datalex” Judiciary Portal, the case was appealed. Hamlet Gevorgyan the advocate of Heriqnaz, demanded to overturn the verdict of the Court of the First Instance and send the case to a lower court for a new examination or make a new judicial act and if Heriqnaz’s participation in the crime will be proved, to set a lenient sentence.

Judge Lilit Tadevosyan will examine the case in the Court of Appeal. The court hearing is not fixed yet.

According to the indictment, Heriqnaz lived in Dubai, and then engaged in peddling and human trafficking, she joint her elder sister Bavakan Khachatryan and a criminal group organized by Nelly Nersisyan for people’s exploitation. They make a corresponding division of roles to carry out their criminal intention that is Nelly Nersisyan headed the criminal group’s activities by organizing the recruited people’s access, transportation costs and met them in Dubai city, while Heriqnaz and Bavakan Khachatryans dealt with the recruitment of women, transportation, their transfer and concealment.

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