The Company and the Journalist who reveal Corruption Risks in the Business Sector were awarded Prizes

On December 9, “Journalist of the year” anti-corruption award was given to Ms Nelli Babayan, Journalist of “Aravot” Daily, and “Business organization of the year” to “The Green Bean” Coffee Shop for rising anti-corruption issues.

“The Government may punish some to show that it fights against corruption, however the problem is in the system of governance itself, and the reforms should start from there.” Mr. David Bequette, Founder and Owner of “The Green Bean” Coffee Shop said in the interview with the Ms Nelli Babayan, Journalist of “Aravot” Daily. The publication had a wide response among the public, as a foreign investor who had been working in the business sphere for already 4 years was saying this.

Journalist Nelly Babayan says, there were a lot of complaints of small and medium businesses facing corruption.

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