Prosecution demanded 13 Years of Imprisonment in the Case of Trafficking

The prosecutor in the case of trafficking of the Armenian women in Dubai held the accusatory speech in the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Communities.

Armen Marukhyan first mentioned that the members of the organized group, with direct participation of Heriknaz Khachatryan, abused the trust and having the aim to exploit, have requited and took Yelena Nikoghosyan and Anna Avdalyan to Dubai City of the United Arab Emirates. Having the same aim, they tried to recruit Anna Sarukhanyan and Shushanik Grigoryan as well, but they did not succeed to complete the crime as a result of unforeseen circumstances.

The prosecutor referred to the circumstances proving Heriknaz Khachatryan’s crime by the episodes of each of the victims.

According to the prosecutor based on the evidence provided by the witnesses Heriknaz Khachatryan’s crime should be considered proved, on the assumption of the fact that the evidence provided by the victims corresponds with the evidence provided by Heriknaz Khachatryan when the latter was involved in the case as a suspect.

The Prosecutor drew the attention of the court to the fact that victim Yelena Khachatryan had recognized in the photos the wanted Nelly Nersisyan as Heriknaz Khachatryan and insisted that it was she who forced her to engage in various types of sexual intercourse.

The prosecutor also mentioned that as result of analyses of the evidence in the episode with the victim Anna Sarukhanyan, the defendant did not succeed as Anna had understood the Heriknaz was suggesting her job other than of a waitress. And after the victim’s mother threatened Heriknaz that they would apply to the police the latter stopped calling them.

Victim Anna Avdalyan understood that she was cheated only in Dubai and just in the airport she tear the entry visa and informed the officers that she had lost her documents. She was sent back from the airport. Shushan Grigoryan, the other victim also considered the sisters’ suggestion to be as suspicious and told them to refrain from disturbing her otherwise she would apply to the police.

Prosecutor Armen Marukhyan finds that the evidence acquired by the case and examined by the court are sufficient to take an accusatory decision against the defendant. The prosecutor solicited to find the defendant Heriknaz Khachatryan guilty under the requirements of Article 132, Part 3, Point 1 and Article 34-132 Part 3, Point 1 and sentence her to 13 years of imprisonment without confiscation of property.

The representative of the victims and the defendant’s lawyer asked the court for the last plea.

Laura Mamyan

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