When does the parent pay for additional expenses of a child?

According to Article 74 of the RA Family Code in case of absence of consent and presence of exceptional circumstances (dangerous disease, neglect of children or vulnerable incapable major children, necessity to pay for special care etc.) each of the parents can be included by the court verdict in bearing additional expenses proceeding from these circumstances.


They procured, kept, trafficked and used narcotic drugs

Chilingaryan is accused of illegal turnover of narcotic drugs with the purpose of sale. In June/July of 2012, he, being imprisoned in “Nubarashen” Criminal Executive Institution, with the support of K. Stepanyan and Zh. Qyababchyan, for each time procured a large number of narcotic medicines containing Buprenorphine, and sold them to different persons with the assistance of K. Stepanyan.