Iravagetik: Children’s Safety should be ensured in the Kindergarten

Smart and kind Iravagetik (Legist) is the main character of’s comics. From now on, you can follow our hero’s concerns, joys, and interesting ideas in the “Legal Mosaic” section of the site:

How wonderful these children are… and yes, they are subject of law…

Oh my Lord… How does this evil person appear here? Where are the guards?

Hostage taking of children is punishable for at least 6 years in prison… He committed an armed attack, caused physical and mental pain… The director of the kindergarten should explain how this person appeared in the children’s room․

There should be security officers, and cameras. Child safety should be ensured by adopting legal procedures, and severe punishment should be unavoidable, or there shall be no rest for the poor parents…

Artist: Hayk Karapetyan

Author of the idea: Astghik Karapetyan


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