Serzh Sargsyan attended Nuclear Energy Safety Council Session

President Serzh Sargsyan met today with newly appointed Chairman of the Nuclear Energy Safety Council under the President of Armenia (NESC), Senior Advisor to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the International Association of Nuclear Operators Miroslav Lipar, who arrived in Armenia to attend the 15th session of NESC.

Congratulating Miroslav Lipar on assuming the office of NESC Chairman, Serzh Sargsyan wished him every success and fruitful work and expressed the hope that Mr. Lipar would contribute to Council’s effective activities.

The President of the Republic of Armenia and the Chairman of the Nuclear Energy Safety Council touched upon the scheduled work on increasing the NPP safety level, the measures envisaged by the life extension program for Unit-2 of the ANPP and ANPP staff training process.

Miroslav Lipar assured President Serzh Sargsyan that the NESC is composed of highly qualified specialists and can continue to provide considerable assistance to the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant. He advised that members of the Council visited the station yesterday and were happy to note that after each visit new improvements and progress may be observed in the ANPP. The Council Chairman underscored that though a lot of work has been done, there is still much to do in this field and the Council will continue to focus on the safe operation of the Armenian NPP.

After the meeting, President Sargsyan participated in the Nuclear Energy Safety Council session, held at the Government’s Reception House.

Complete information on the 15th session of NESC is available here.

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