Iravagetik’s New Year Messages

Smart and kind Iravagetik (Legist) celebrates the New Year with friends and relatives in a happy and joyful atmosphere. At the same time he notices a phenomena which make the holiday sad and painstaking.

Children New Year shall not be celebrated this way!
Don’t you understand?

Oh, I’ve burnt my fingers…


Shan’t we have ham on our table?
Never mind that only last pennies are left…

On holidays you sleep, relax, and communicate with good people. It is possible to be sated without ham as well…


Oops, what’s going on? Shall I stay hungry today? I just want a loaf of bread…


Friends, I want people to become more informed in the New Year, know their rights, and respect the law…

Artist: Hayk Karapetyan
Author of the idea: Astghik Karapetyan
Computer Support: Alexander Sargsyan


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