Iravagetik: Know and Protect Your Rights!

Smart and kind Iravagetik (Legist) informs citizens about several important rights. In our everyday lives, we find ourselves in situations where our rights are violated. In order to protect us and our rights, we must simply know our rights. Follow competent Iravagetik’s example.

Policeman – Dear Citizen, you’ve done 4 violations, I have to write 4 acts.

Iravagetik – What  does he say? When several violations are simultaneously
examined, the penalty is imposed for a more serious breach.

The RA Code of Administrative Offences, Article 35

Lady in yellow dress –I bought this blouse yesterday in the morning.
Today I felt that the color does not suit me. I want to return it.

Saleswoman – No, we can only exchange it.

Iravagetik – Sorry, we can not only exchange, but also return within 14 days…

The RA Law on Protection of Consumers’ Rights, Article 23

Condominium employee – I’m from condominium, you have to pay your residential rent…

IravagetikWhat “residential rent”? You are talking about the costs of maintaining mandatory norms. We will not give even a penny.

RA Law on Apartment Building Management, Article 10

Iravagetik – Avag, human rights are violated everywhere.

Avag – Iravagetik, if they do not know their rights, they will not be
able to defend themselves. Oh, my hair turned gray, informing people.

Artist: Hayk Karapetyan
Author of the idea: Astghik Karapetyan
Computer Support: Alexander Sargsyan


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