Iravagetik: We all shall fight against corruption

December 9 is International Anti-Corruption Day. This time the smart and kind Iravagetik (Legist) has touched upon the most serious problems of corruption. You can follow our hero’s concerns, joys, and interesting ideas in the “Legal Mosaic” section of the site:

He has been public official all his life. How does he become rich? Illegally?

So, the company that I have created in the Cyprus offshore will start a business in Armenia,
who will know who the beneficial owner of the company is?

This is a must, everyone should publish information on their beneficial owners.
Otherwise it is senseless to speak about free competition.


My dear, do you understand that my business suffers because of this damned law, everyone benefits, but I …

Dear wife will change the law.

Oh God, what’s going on?


Iravagetik, what do you think, will tere be an end to this corruption?

My dear neighbor, you know many things have changed, there is hope, but we must work against it as well…

Artist: Hayk Karapetyan
Author of the idea: Astghik Karapetyan
Computer Support: Alexander Sargsyan


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