Daily Archives: Monday, November 20, 2017

The Statute of the Journalist NGO in Lori Region was re-registered in the State Register

“Our charter was harmonized with the law, presented to the State Registrar in Yerevan, and a few days later we received a response that it was confirmed,” Ms Ani Khachatryan, representative of “Selen Club of Journalists” NGO said. She noted that small technical problems arose in the state register, which, however, were easily solved.

It is important that we can get Feedback and Support in Practice։ NGO Representative

“The training is effective as all the innovations we are required to know were presented in affordable way. And it is notable not only the fact of organization of such a training, but also that we can get feedback, contact in case we have a problem and solve that problem in practice,” Ms Lilit Hovhannisyan, representative of the “Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression” NGO said