Ghukasyan may be sentenced to 99 Years Prison in the US

52 year old Alexander Ghukasyan has been announced guilty for the theft and usage of information of thousands debit and credit cards’ information in Northern Texas, US.
According to website Ghukasyan may be sentenced to 99 Years Prison.


EU crime proposal will ‘erode fundamental rights’

An EU Council proposal that affects the rights of access to a lawyer in criminal proceedings falls ‘dramatically below’ accepted human rights standards, according to Europe’s leading legal affairs campaigning body, reports Global Legal Post.

Action against the Incident in Harsnaqar: Requesting Justice

A group of Facebook members organized a protest action in front of the RA Police building. The participants carried slogans “No to Permissiveness”, “No to Criminal Morals and Customs”, “Crime and Punishment”, “We Request Fair Trial on Harsnaqar Incident”.