Success stories

Possible Corruption Prevented

The citizen who had applied to the Advocacy and Assistance Center of the RA Vayots Dzor Marz wanted to restore the infringed rights of his brother, who was out of the territory of the Republic of Armenia.


Elderly Citizen’s Unjust Eviction Suspended

Olya Kazaeva, an elderly resident of Vanadzor in northern Armenia, recently learned that she and her family were being evicted from their townhouse. The house had been sold at a public auction by local authorities using what she believed were forged documents. With no prior notice and facing immediate eviction, Olya went to court, where she was told her case was groundless.

Parents Say No to Unjust Hospital “Fees”

Armine’s* parents grew anxious as their daughter’s mental condition deteriorated. Armine had long struggled with mental illness, but in recent months her behavior had turned violent. She was becoming a danger to herself and her family members. Armine’s parents turned to a government-run hospital in the province of Armavir for help.

Property Rights Secured

Strong property rights create an environment conducive to economic growth. Unfortunately, corruption in registration of property rights and in resolving conflicts about disputed properties are recurring problems in many post-Soviet states, including Armenia. Armenians in large cities and small villages alike see their property rights threatened by unscrupulous and corrupt officials.