“Everything can be combined if it is based on love” – Policewoman

In the framework of the special project “Armenian policewoman” we have interviewed the senior supervisor of Department on Protection of Juveniles’ Rights and combating domestic violence of the General department of the criminal intelligence of the RA, major police officer Lusine Khachatryan. -How did you decide to become a police officer? -I have made the… Read more »

Transition from Documentation to Reality: Gayane Gevorgyan

Creation and operation of the anti-Corruption Council raised many controversial opinions. Gayane Gevorgyan, Coordinator of the AYLA Anti-Corruption Center of Shirak Marz considers that the number of NGO representatives in the Council should be five and not two, and not as an observer but as a direct participant, because they might have better expert skills, find more reasons and fill the gaps easier.

Court sitting with Empty Seats

The session was postponed due to the absence of the parties. Only the Judge and the representatives of press attended the court room.