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What should the Drivers know when dealing with the Insurance Companies?

“The differences between the drivers and the insurance companies are various,” Advocate Lusine Virabyan says. According to her often the insurance companies apply to different options and even absurd methods to evade from paying the recovery to the drivers that have a car accident.


What do We demand and how?

This is not an emotional speech, a major scientific and legal work should be done. Every step should be tested, considering the counter steps of the Turks.

International Law prohibited Extermination of nations at the beginning of the 20th Century: Turkey is responsible for the Armenian Genocide.

Turkey insists that the UN Convention on Genocide does not have retroactive effect and is not applicable. However, at the beginning of the 20th century, when the Armenians were being exterminated in their homeland by the Ottoman Empire, the nation’s extermination was unacceptable and was considered to be a crime against humanity according to the existing international law.