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A portrait of Josef Stalin, Shelkunchike, Roman soldiers and a chess with French figures. Former Justice Minister, Hovhannes Manukyan’s office is not an ordinary one, as there are many statues, pictures, and memorial medals from different countries there.

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Compared with many European Countries the Development of Legal Science in Armenia is on a Very Low Level: Gor Hovhannisyan

The student of a law faculty in Germany feels himself as a lawyer from the very first day of the studies, who constantly writes expert opinions on a conflict in criminal, civil, administrative, constitutional, or other sphere of the law. Gor Hovhannsyan, Doctor of Laws, graduate of Humboldt-University of Berlin said in the interview with, talking about the issues of differences between the German and Armenian legal education and academic systems.

Young Lawyers

The Right to vote is the Most Important Human Right: Tigran Ghazaryan

Advocacy is a lifestyle for Tigran Ghazaryan, who has specialized in the criminal law. An important condition for success in this area is devotion. We talked to him about professional achievements, successes and problems within the framework of the series Young Lawyers. – Tigran, why did you decide to enter the Faculty of Law? –… Read more »

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Journalism without data will no longer have a meaning: Daniele Grasso

After Studying Spanish Philology in Italy, Daniele Grasso decided to move to Spain directing his first steps in journalism as a freelancer. Since data journalism crossed his path in 2011, success has not separated from him. He has collaborated with ‘LuxLeaks’, ‘SwissLeaks’ and ‘Paradise Papers’. In addition, he won the Pulitzer Prize as a member… Read more »