The New Decision of the RA Government: the Money allocated for Repairing the Road Leading to “Parz Lich”

The Government made a decision on August 18 for allocating 1 milliard AMD to repair the road leading to “Parz Lich” and to build a bridge there. In particular, according to 911-N adopted decision, in 796-N decision Point 2 for allocating amount of money to the Tavush Marzpetaran the words “for reconstruction of regional roads” have been changed with “H-73-M-4 Parz Lich road repairing and bridge building” words.
The 976-N decision adopted on July 23 says that 973 million AMD is allocated to Marzpetaran for reconstruction of regional roads.
Thus, the allocated money from the Reserve Fund will be used for 9-months reconstruction of the road leading to Parz Lich and for the bridge building.