The Head of Department of the RA Ministry of Economy examined related to the Offshore Case

At the trial the testimony of injured party Vardan Hayrapetyan given during the preliminary investigation was published. Vardan Hayrapetyan is a businessman and the son of the other injured person Paylak Hayrapetyan. He does not come to the trials because of the health problems.
Vardan Hayrapetyan’s Defense, Advocate Shaliko Piruzyan presented a document from medical institution on August 11 which says the following: the injured person is in bed and cannot come to the trial. After the document was published the preliminary testimony published by agreement of both sides.
He reported that he gave the accused, jeweler Ashot Suqiasyan trust deed on making some things with his property situated in Aygestan. Afterwards he learned that Ashot Suqiasyan has pledged his property (which was then estimated 1.2 million dollars), got 10.7 million dollars from “Ameria” Bank and made damage to his property by spending for unintended purpose.
The Defense Yurik Khachatryan reported that they considered the injured person Vardan Hayrapetyan with violation of right because he did not give trust deed by deception or abuse of trust but because of his father’s request that is why there can be only civil law relations.
Then the witness- Gagik Qocharyan, currently in the position of Head of the Department of Trade and Markets Regulation- was called to the court. He reported that after Global Financial Crisis all the suggestions of the economic development including import of the raw of the diamond, till and export by Ashot Suqiasyan. There were some meetings with the businessman.
He did not remember many details from that meeting in which he was with Paylak Hayrapetyan and he agreed to pledge his all property for realization of that program. He mentioned that the Minister of Economy in that times Nerses Yeritsyan was not used to sit next to the businessman it was possible that he was sitting at the table head. And there was no raw in the envelope brought by Ashot Suqiasyan, and he did not open it as the injured, Paylak Hayrapetyan insists.
The details are in the video.

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