I am against such Initiative as a Citizen of Vanadzor City and as MP of the RA : Edmon Marukyan

Edmond Marukyan, a Member of Parliament of RA wrote in his Facebook page, “During the upcoming session of the City Council of Vanadzor, some questions will be discussed concerning the draft of the establishment of order of the parking stations on Tigran Mets Avenue, Myasnikyan and Mkhitar Gosh streets. According to some information, Vanadzor Municipality suggests to introduce the practice of Yerevan of marking the car parking stations with red lines. As a citizen of Vanadzor city and as MP of the RA elected by the citizens of Vanadzor, I am against such initiative since in such case citizens will have to pay some extra money for parking. The usage of such kind of initiative is not justified even in Yerevan and of course will not bring good results in our poor city as well. The usage of such kind of practice will give enough grounds to Vanadzor citizens who are apt to leave Armenia for another country. I suggest concentrating on finding solutions to more serious problems of the city. I hope that the City Council will not allow this practice to be used in Vanadzor city.


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