The Citizen received the Certificate on Property Right without any Extra Money

On 10.02.2010, Mrs. Ye. Muradyan applied to Tavush AAC. She informed that her husband had bout a land plot in 1990, yet did not have the certificate on property right until now.
Mrs. Muradyan’s husband died in 2007, and currently she does not have the necessary documents that are required by the law for registration of the property right.
Just in 2007 Mrs. Muradyan applied to the court with request to recognise her right over the land plot. The Court of General Jurisdiction of Tavush Marz held a decision to recognize the land plot res nullius and to recognize Mrs. Yepraksia Muradyan’s ownership right over it in accordance to acquisitive prescription. However, when the citizen applied to Ijevan regional department of the State Committee of the Real Estate Cadastre adjunct to the RA Government to register her property right, the officials of the regional department of State Cadastre demanded to pay the market cost of the land plot, which is 640000 AMD, and informed her that the state registration of the property right would be done just after the payment was received. The citizen was rather depressed and applied to Tavush AAC introducing her problem and trying to understand why she should pay this sum incase when she had all the documents required by the law. The lawyers of AAC examined all the circumstances of the case, the legal acts that regulate the sphere, the documents, which had submitted the citizen and after that explained the beneficiary how much money and for what she should pay in each stage, as well as the rights of the citizen in such legal relationship that are prescribed by the law. Thus the lawyers of the AAC provide the beneficiary with necessary legal knowledge and recommended to apply to the State cadastre again. A Few days later when Mrs. Muradyan called the AAC office the lawyers learnt to what extent Mrs. Muradyan used the obtained knowledge in the State Cadastre. She informed that the State Cadastre had agreed to register her ownership right and what is more important without paying the extra sum of 640000 AMD.

The first and most important guarantee for the protection of individual rights is the knowledge and awareness of these rights. With support of Tavush AAC as well as due to the confidence and persistence of the beneficiary, Mrs. Muradyan avoided paying the unnecessary large sum.

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