Protection of Children’s Rights through Joint Efforts

Gegharkunik AAC uses all possible resources existing in the region to fight against corruption. AAC cooperates with different organizations. One of those is Astghacolk NGO, an organization AAC created a new relationship with in order to assist one of AAC’s visitors.
An elderly woman in poor health applied for AAC’s assistance. The woman has four grandchildren (3, 5, 8, and 10 years old) who are not cared for by their parents. Their father passed away and their mother continuously abandons her children. She periodically leaves for a long time. The childrens’ grandmother is unable to take care for the chidlren, because of her illness and difficult social situation. Before applying to AAC, she had applied for help from the local government and police, but they were unresponsive. However, the local government is authorized by the state to provide a Custody Council for assistance and to take care of the community’s children.
Because the visitor’s location is far from AAC, the center found contacts of a closer NGO to monitor all processes related to this case. AAC called the Armenian branch of UNICEF, who provided the contact of Astghacolk NGO, an organization aimed at protecting childrens’ rights.
AAC introduced the case to Astghacolk, who in turn informed the local governor about the problem. The local governor fulfilled his lawful duties by assisting the visitors’ grandchildren.
Before applying for AAC’s help, the visitor was in a helpless and uncertain situation, as the respective office didn’t respond to her crisis. Now the mother of the children lives with them, the local governor will take care of the children when their mother is gone, and the partnering organization will monitor all processes.
The visitor now feels her rights are protected, as her problem has been solved by AAC.

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