The only Source of the Citizen’s Income protected

On 2 November 2010, citizen of Yerevan, Ms Luiza Manukyan applied to Yerevan Advocacy and Assistance Center, informing that she had borrowed 10000 USD from a citizen, but she failed to return the debt in time. The lender applied to court and claimed to return the debt. The court sustained the claim and made a decision. Mr. S.Avetisyan, officer of Service for Compulsory Enforcement of Judicial Orders, in violation of law and the ruling of the court, imposed a ban of 31.000 UDS instead of the 10000 USD (as decided the court) on Ms. Manukyan’s property. The SCEJO officer closed Ms Manukyan’s shop and prohibited to work in case while she had leased the shop and was paying the monthly fee to the tenant.
The citizen suffered large losses. She was able to pay back only part of her debt, and was unable to pay the remaining debt as the shop, which was the only source of her income, was illegally closed by the SCEJO officer.
Mrs. Anahit Hakobyan, the AAC advocate, had a telephone conversation with Mr. Avetisyan, theSCEJO officer and explained him the nature of violation that he made through his acts, also saying that the citizen has the right to appeal his acts. She also added that if the issue shall not be solved through negotiations the citizen shall apply to superior bodies. Just after 5 minutes of this conversation Mr. Avetisyan made a call to Mrs. Luiza Manukyan and informed that he was ready to open the shop and to pass the property.
On the agreed day the SCEJO officer opened the shop and passed all goods.

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