Conveying Ownership Right in Compliance with the Requirement of Law

The citizen applied to the notary office of the district as he wanted to convey ownership right of his land plot to his grandchild as a gift. The public notary required the state registration certificate and the certificate on the size of the land plot provided by the city administration. When the citizen provided the required documents it turned out that the size of the land plot indicated in the documents did not coincide with the actual size of the land. The citizen applied to the state cadastre body which realizes the state registration. There he received a reply that the property right certificate had been provided based on the certificate provided by the city administration, thus a new measurement should be conducted and based on this the cadastre shall make the correction.
The citizen applied to the city administration with request to carry out new measurement of the land plot. After long procrastination the officials from the city administration told him that he had to pay 15-20000AMD for carrying out of the corresponding measurements. When the citizen demanded a receipt on payment he was told that they could not provide such receipt.
Rejection to provide a payment receipt seemed curious to the citizen and he decided to apply to the AAC with request to protect his rights. Representatives of the AAC recommended the citizen to right an application to the city administration and to come back to the AAC as soon as he should receive the reply. Just on the next day the citizen informed that he had received the reply, which informs that there is a licensed LLC, which carries out measurement work for payment and that the citizen might apply to this LLC. At the same time they informed him that he had to pay 40-50.000 AMD to this LLC for the measurement services. That is the citizen should to pay much more than he could pay to the city administration for the same measurement work.
The citizen believed that there was a certain corruption risk in his case on the assumption of the fact that when the city administration officials failed to receive money from him they directed him to an “LLC”.
The citizen did not accept this option of the city administration as well and again applied to Ashtarak AAC. The Head of the AAC responded the citizen’s application and phoned to the head of corresponding department of the city administration. During the conversation with the department head the head of AAC mentioned that they (the responsible persons from their department) had made a mistake and thus they had to carry out the corresponding measurements once more. The AAC head reminded the department head about the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the city administration and the AAC and the obligations that the parties had undertaken under this Memorandum that is to assist jointly to solving the problems of the citizens.
On the next day the citizen came to the AAC Office and thanked the staff of the center for the assistance and informed that the representatives of the corresponding department of the city administration had come and made the required measurement work without any additional payment.
The beneficiary said: “I am really happy that there are such centers in our country, which in fact work to assist the people.”

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