“No to Corruption” Flash Mob in 13 Cities of the Republic

Today AAC National Network organized “No to Corruption” Flash Mob in 13 cities of Armenia. In each city the participants formed and pronounced one letter from the phrase “No to Corruption”.

According to the director of “Development of AAC National Network” Project, the author of the idea of “No to Corruption” Flash Mob Karen Zadoyan, the purpose of the event is to direct the attention of state bodies and the society to the negative phenomenon of “corruption”.

“Participation of wide layers of the society in the fight against corruption is essential since it is possible to achieve effective results due to the cohesion of the society, demands formed on high legal awareness and in case of harmonic cooperation with state authority”, says Karen Zadoyan.

P.S. 13 centers are involved in AAC National Network working in the Republic: 1 center in each region and reception centers in Talin and Aparan cities of Aragatsotn region.

Later you can watch the video about Flash Mob under the headline “No to Corruption”

Nune Hovsepyan

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