Working Meeting on the Functions of Probation Service in Kapan

Today, a working meeting on “Expectations and Prospects for the Development of the State Probation Service” took place in Kapan Office of the Armenian Lawyers’ Association.

On 18 May, 2016, the National Assembly adopted the Law on Probation. On 1 September, the government’s decision to establish the Probation Service in the structure of the RA Ministry of Justice came into force, with which the Probation Service was launched.

Mr. Artak Kirakosyan, President of the “Civil Society Institute” NGO, in his welcoming speech noted that the objective of the working meeting was to promote the consolidation of concerned state structures and non-governmental organizations for establishing effective cooperation with the Service; to form a platform that will allow non-governmental organizations to establish contacts with the State Probation Service; to assist in the implementation of its functions; to develop and implement a variety of programs arising from the functions of the Service.

Further, Ms Yevgenia Ivanova, the representative of CSI, spoke about the possibilities of social rehabilitation of those who committed offenses.

The workshop was organized jointly by the Civil Society Institute (CSI) NGO, the State Probation service and the Armenian Lawyers’ Association. The working meeting was organized in the framework of the “Support to the Establishment of Probation Service in Armenia” project funded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

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