The Conference elected the Governing Board of the CSO Anti-Corruption Coalition and approved the Rules and Regulations Unanimously

The second session of today’s Conference of the CSO Anti-Corruption Coalition was about the achievement of the Coalition, its problems and discussion of the future plans.

Coordinator of the Secretariat of the CSO Anti-Corruption Coalition Karen Zadoyan presented the Rules and Regulations and put it to vote. The Rules and Regulations were adopted unanimously.

Further, Karen Zadoyan presented the procedure for the election of Governing Board of the Coalition. According to preliminary agreement it was decided that the Board shall be composed of 15 member organizations. The Governing Body should include 4 CSOs form the RA marzes, 3 business organizations, 1 organization of local government, 6 organizations of republican importance.

Then the candidates for the Board were introduced. The Governing Board of CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition was elected unanimously.

The Governing Board of CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition includes:

“Armenian Lawyers Association” NGO,
“Freedom of Information Center” NGO,
“Union of Information Technology Enterprises” NGO,
“ArmComedy” Cultural NGO,
“US Alumni Association of Armenia” NGO,
“International Center for Human Development” NGO,
SME Cooperation Association
Republican Union of Employers
Union of Communities of Armenia,
Foundation for Small and medium Business
“Democracy and Electoral Processes” International Center NGO
“LogoS” Youth NGO (Shirak)
“Lori Citizens Union” Benevolent NGO (Lori),
“Kapan Women’s Resource Center” NGO (Syunik),
“Regional Development and Research Center” NGO.

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