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Case of 2.5 Year Old Lia’s Death was adjourned: The Advocate’s Problem remains Unclear

The criminal court session on the case of 2.5 year old Lia Misakyan who died in Arabkir Medical Center continued today in the Criminal Court of Appeal, chaired by judge G. Avetisyan. The session lasted only a few minutes as prosecutor Karapetyan and defendant Zarineh Aivazyan’s advocate Yerem Sargsyan did not show up in court. After listening to both parties, judge Avetisyan decided to postpone the trial but, this time too, a problem emerged: The second defendant Lilit Vardanyan’s advocate Givi Hovhannisyan was planning to go on vacation for the whole September which made the judge very angry: “We cannot postpone the session so many times, do something about it. If you cannot come then appoint someone else to replace you at the next session.” After the session ended it was decided to continue the proceedings on 8 September but the problem with the advocate still remained unclear.
We would like to remind you that on 31 December 2012, 2.5 year old Lia Misakyan had temperature and seizures. Her father took her to Arabkir Medical Center by ambulance. On 2 January 2013, the child died. According to the indictment, the child’s death was caused by pediatricians Lilit Vardanyan’s and Zarineh Ayvazyan’s improper conduct and negligent performance of professional duties.


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