Corruption in Four Marzes: Which Areas are still Corrupt?

Corruption is manifested in different areas in Syunik, Gegharkunik, Lori and Shirak marzes, mainly in social and healthcare areas.

Independent Anti-Corruption Centers operate in these marzes and as a result of their work it has been possible to reduce the corruption risks. However, this public defect is still on dangerous level in the marzes.

Gayane-Gevorgyan-440x253During the last year the number of citizens who applied to the Anti-Corruption Center of Shirak marz with corruption complaints has grown. The head of the Anti-Corruption Center Miss Gayane Gevorgyan said that this was the result of the raise of legal awareness among the people. “We reached the result that the people do not want to try to enter in corruption relations with the representatives of public bodies, and as a result the corruption in these marzes has relatively decreased. In addition, awareness by the public authorities increased,” said the head of the center and added that the social sphere is still corrupted. “The area associated with healthcare and providing the disability ranks is one of the most corrupted. Applications referring to this area are the most common.”

DSC00009-copy-440x292Advocate Arthur Sukiasyan, the Head of Anti-Corruption Center of Lori marz said that the residents of the marz began to more often report corruption. “We already have cases where during the discussion of disputes in courts, or appealing against the actions of the Administrative bodies the citizens spoke about the existence of corruption and the presence of sponsorship. There are cases when the local newspapers wrote and spoke about sponsorship and the term “corruption” was used. It seemed as if prior to this it was spoken about more abstractly. Currently we refer to definite cases. I think this is a positive development,” said the advocate and expressed hope that the society will become more active in discussing such issues.

IMG_7707-copyCorruption dominates in the mining industry in Syunik marz. “The mining industry companies carry out their activities through large scale corruption,” Ani Asatryan, Head of the Anti-Corruption Center of Syunik marz said. “Authorities mostly turn a blind eye on these processes maybe they have mutual relationship. Even if the NGOs are trying to fight against corruption in this sector, it is clear that no progress has been recorded.” she added. In addition, corruption exists in the health sector this region as well. “Corruption is especially obvious in the maternity hospitals. It is due to mention that the provided medical services in Syunik marz are of a very low quality. The corruption cases are obvious.”



Mrs. Nelly Harutyunyan, the Head of Anti-Corruption center of Gavar marz, analyzing the total number of visitors and problems with positive solutions said that positive changes were observed in the fight against corruption, especially in the field of social security. “While in the past at least one of the daily visitors of the Office would definitely complain from “Paros” social service system, currently the situation has completely changed,” she said. Instead, here too, the healthcare sector remains corrupted. “Quite a lot of complaints refer especially to free medication of the persons having disability class. People complain from the hospital workers, medical staff, providing of medicine and not only the persons with disability are complaining,” Mrs. Harutyunyan said.”