The Court of First Instance provided wrong criminal-legal qualification to the actions of Vazgen Khachikyan and Others: Prosecutor

Today, the examination of application for retrial on the case of Vazgen Khachikyan and others started under the presidency of Judge Gagik Avetisyan.
The defense party and the prosecutor had filed the application for retrial. The prosecutor appealed the verdict of the First Instance Court according to the punishment imposed by the first part of the deeds charged by the RA Prosecutor General’s Office.

“The First Instance Court viewed Vazgen Khachikyan as associated and long-term organizer and leader; the court in its verdict recognized five persons as core members of the group; the others were not permanent, while the others were supporters to the group. Further, the court infringed the assessment of evidence and failed to provide a number of factors duly and provided wrong legal and criminal qualification to the actions. In the appealed judiciary act the conclusions of the judge of the First Instance Court contradict with a number of precedential decisions of the RA Court of Cassation,” stressed the prosecutor and requested,

“Annul and change the decision on evaluation of crimes provided by the prosecution with regard of defendants Arthur Sukiasyan, Hovhannes Hovhannisyan, Sargis Sargsyan, Samvel Elbakyan, Hranush Danielyan, and Hayk Martirosyan; and abolish application of Article 70 if the RA Criminal Code (Conditional release) with regard of defendants Arthur Sukiasyan, Hovhannes Hovhannisyan, Sargis Sargsyan, and Hayk Martirosyan. Meet the unsatisfied portion of 29 million AMD filed by the Prosecutor General’s Office. Exact 29 million AMD form Vazgen Khachikyan as recovery of the losses caused to the state.”

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