The Court Sitting on the Case of the Soldier Sick with Smallpox was Postponed

The regular court sitting on the case of Hayk Khachatryan`s (soldier sick with smallpox) death, should have taken place today – 3 December at the court of general jurisdiction of Erebuni and Nubarashen communities of Yerevan, but Varduhi Elbakyan, attorney of one of the defendants, Mikayel Mikayelyan, was not present at the court sitting.

Judge Vladimir Grigoryan had to postpone the court sitting to 8 December. Let us also mention that the side of the victims and their attorney were not present at the court sitting as well.

According to the accusation, being a lieutenant colonel and head of the neurological department of the RA MD 14203 unit,  Minas Mkrtchyan was accused of showing a careless attitude towards the service and not providing necessary medical measures as a result of which there was an essential loss.

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