Journalists Detained in Azerbaijan

Dunya Miatovich, OSCE Special Representative on Freedom of Media expressed concern with regard to the facts of pursuit and limitation of freedom to information, which still occur in Azerbaijan.
She noted that though a week before she greeted release of the journalist Bakhtiar Hajiev, however she once and again wanted to draw attention of the powers on the restriction of the journalists.
In the letter to the Foreign Minister, Milatovich referred to Anar Bayramly’s case. The latter had worked for Iranian media. On 11 June he was sentenced for two years with accusation for keeping drugs. The journalist denies this charge. In the same letter the OSCE Special Representative on Freedom of Media refers to Mehman Huseynov’s case as well. The latter is charged in hooliganism and may be detained for five years term.
Milatovich hoped that the detained journalists shall be released in the nearest future.

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