The Advocate is for Criminalization of Illicit Enrichment

Advocate Tigran Sargsyan is for criminalization of illicit enrichment, “Illicit enrichment is detrimental to the public interest and directed against economic development. It poses a great danger. Illicit enrichment is a crime like theft, ie, you make yours something that does not belong to you in illegal manner,” said the advocate.

According to Tigran Sargsyan, the subjects of this crime will be individuals with special status, so the crime detection becomes more difficult. “But we must keep in mind that the public and the media will also get a chance to watch and influence the process. Now we have no way to call for an investigation against a specific person. And if illicit enrichment is it criminalizes, we can submit reports, claiming that are such features, and in this case, the state will willy-nilly carry out examination. In other words, this article will give an opportunity to the public to force the state to investigate. How the investigation will be carried out is another question,” Tigran Sargsyan said and added through this institute the public gains opportunity to carry out control over the preliminary investigation body.