The Person convicted of the Brutal Murder of the Young Girl assured that he has nothing to do with the Crime

David Tamrazyan, charged with the brutal murder of his ex-girlfriend insisted in court today that he had nothing to do with the murder.

According to the indictment, on 7 May 2013, David Tamrazyan cut the throat of Mary Hunanyan in the apartment. Further, in order to hide traces of the crime scene he set fire of the apartment, he took this step because he was personally offended with that person. Today, the defendant in the case, which is examined for more than two years, testified in court, he said that he did not agree with the charge.

David said that he was Mary’s boyfriend for a long time, but due to circumstances, as well as seeing Mary intimacy with another person, stopped their contact. “Once I saw how she and her partner, Moso picked up a hotel, I broke ties with her after that,” the defendant said.

After breaking ties with her, David started a relationship with her colleague Mirijanyan Milena, who is a key witness in this case. Although he began to be friends with Milena, according to David, she again tried to restore relations. She wanted to have a relationship/be friends with me, I told her to go and have a relationship with your friend. I kept it distance with her, but I did not want to be rude to her because she helped to get a job, I was trying to get out of favor,” answering the Lawyer’s questions Tamrazyan said, adding that later Milena learned about Mariam’s steps, as a result fight occurred between two girls.

“On 26 April, 2013 a dispute occurred between them, said David, that day Mariam called me, Milena saw that and asked, who is calling me and said, Let’s get acquainted and talk to her. That day we met, I introduced Milena to Mariam as my wife, and because, Milena, as usual, was drunk, fight occurred and Milena told Mariam “Don’t you understand that you must not call my boyfriend and threw a napkin at her. We were in the restaurant, they smashed all the glasses, Milena hit the bottle on Mariam’s head, and they threw a tray on each other. Because of only Milena’s jealousy. “

On 7 May, 2013 Mariam was found dead.

David refused the lawyer’s service during the investigation, he noted that this was also dictated by the investigators.

David Tamrazyan’s lawyer Cromwell Grigoryan said that the defendant’s testimony coincides with a taxi driver’s statement. The lawyer noted. “At first he endured pressure, but because Mariam Hunanian’ aunt had been beaten in front of him, and lost consciousness, David was warned that this may be a happen to his mother and sister, they said his relatives were in the other room they would beat them in such a way they he could hear their voices. David agreed to write everything seeing what happened to Mariam Hunanyan’s aunt in front of him, “he said.

David was arrested and taken to police detention facilities, red marks were on his body after the electricity choke. “In this regard, the investigator appointed the examination, the investigator dictated him to write that red spots were because of allergy and occurred because of scratching the allergy, and when they went to the expert, the same person who had beaten him, took him to the expert, and dictated the expert to write that he was nervous and scratched himself during the investigation, but the forensic doctor provided a conclusion that it was a result of a blow,” he said.

The lawyer said that the accused had remained silent, thinking it might harm his family, but decided to speak out about what happened to his isolation cell against. “Indeed, it reached a cell and some of those confessions I had written in my confession letter were the result of violence,”said our interlocutor.

Gevorg Tosunyan

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