The Same Company is selling Toilet Paper, and providing Computer Services to the State

On 24 May, the staff of the National Assembly signed a contract with “Retro Feelings” company on the purchase of computer services and paid 2.5 million AMD. Under the contract, the services were rendered in the period from May 4 to 10. At the same time, the agreement contains no indication of how many computers should the services include (except the indication that an internal network is set for up to 500 PCs).

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It turns out that this company in addition to computer services, also sells airline tickets and other household goods to the state. In particular, this year on 9 February, the Ministry of International Economic Integration and Reforms signed a contract with this same “Retro Feelings” company for the purchase of 2 tickets of economy class and 1 ticket of business class for the flight Yerevan-Moscow-Yerevan and paid 971 thousand AMD. Earlier, the ministry bought another ticket for the same direction from the same company paying 149 thousand AMD.

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This Company shall supply the Ministry of Diaspora with household products: toilet paper, napkins, furniture care products, soap, electric wires, etc. Specifically, the ‘Retro Feelings “LLC signed a contract with the Ministry of Diaspora, on 6 April. The term of the contract is the end of this year. The contract value is 217 thousand AMD.

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We contacted the director of “Retro Feelings” Company A. Grigoryan. In reply to‘s, question what the company deals with, A. Grigoryan said, “We provide computer technology services.” When asked about the sale of tickets “Are you aware of the sales of air tickets? … All companies purchase tickets from the official representative and gain commissions.”

He noted that they are engaged in purchase and sales of computer technique as well but he said nothing about the household supplies.

Notably, according to the data of the State Register of Legal Entities of the Ministry of Justice Loreta Adamyan is mentioned as the founder of “Retro Feelings” LLC.