There is almost no Corruption in Notary System: Lilit Muradyan

The fear of blood and corpses forced Lilit Muradyan to choose the notary profession. The woman who worked in the system of police for two decades wanted to become an investigator. However, her today’s clients are not defendants or witnesses, but the conversations are not less difficult. Lilit Muradyan works in Kentron district notary office. She says that the profession of notary has similarities with the work of the investigators. She also assured that she had disclosed a forger. Our conversation is about the notary’s work, fear of blood and difficulties of communication with the citizens.

– I have spoken with different notaries about the choice of the profession As a rule there is the same scheme with those who studied in the Soviet period. They graduated from the university; no one was even interested what they wanted and directly send to different notary offices. But you studied at the Faculty of Law of YSU in 1997-2001. In your case the compulsory element was missing. Why did you decide to become a notary?

– Hrayr Tovmasyan, the former Minister of Justice asked me the same question “Why just notary?” First of all let me tell that my first profession was economist-merchandiser. I loved my profession. My mother had the same profession as well. I have worked in this profession for only 3 years. After the collapse of the Soviet System this profession became not actual any longer. There was a vacancy of financial position in the police system and I became a policewomen. I served in the system for 20 years. Over the years of work I wanted to become an investigator, so I graduated from YSU, to achieve this goal. However, my husband put me on the right track, he said, “I do not object you become an investigator, but you are afraid of blood and dead bodies.” And I understood what I want to do. I decided to participate in notary exams.

– Have you regretted for it?

– No, it was not so and that I was prompted to participate in the exams and I took the step without thinking. I love this profession, I love to help people.

– I think that your former profession helps a notary work.

– It helps much: first of all to understand the people; to understand the person, the type of man; his desire; and to appease the client.

– You told you are afraid of blood and dead bodies. F course while working in this profession, yes, you do not deal with blood and corpses. However, there are blood relations that cause serious problems and there are dead people as well. I mean the heritage and other issues. Let’s try to understand what difficulties work with citizens includes, because you have avoided the stress of the routine work of the investigator, but this work is not less stressful.

– In fact, I was not able to adapt to this state of psychological conditions. When I joined the Police it was in 1992 and wartime, and people who had lost their sons were coming to us. They applied with pension and other legal issues. During the first two years I was upset equally with all parents. The colleagues were joking and saying that I would get used when I grow. I have not got used. Today different people come to me, and the most difficult thing for me are the losses. All other issue can be solved. We conduct conciliation mission as well.

– Let’s speak about more positive things. Can you tell some interesting memories from your practice?

– Last autumn, two people came to me saying that they want to conclude a loan agreement and power of attorney on purchase and sale. It turned out that they were taking a car and paying money as advanced payment, the remaining was loan processing, taking and putting pledge, etc. I was asking questions trying to understand the objective, explaining the mechanisms, etc. They did not even know me, and said that had come to understand the risk. I explained to them that their risk was 100 percent. I explained the one who was selling the car that he could not be safe: it is possible that the pledge is made; the counterpart will take the money and leave. I recommended a trilateral agreement and giving the sum to the third party, but the other young man did not agree. The transaction was for a vehicle 40 thousand USD worth. The buyer was giving 5000 USD and indicates 35 thousand USD as a debt, and that was all. I was worried; all contracts are prepared by our staff; I was walking back and forth. When I asked them who will be indicated as a buyer and what his position was to be indicated in incorporated person, the latter began to falter, then somehow uttered “deputy director”. I went into my office to look through the state register what organization it was and under information, the young man came in after me and said that they do not want anything and asked to let everything just as it was a the moment, and that they would return on the next day to continue. Then I said that I was going to call the police immediately. He lost himself. I went out and told the young man that he had been cheated. Two days later, they came with flowers and sweets, thanked and said that they had seen the person on “02” TV program. The latter had deceived a number of people in the same way. The program also informed that it was not possible to convict that person as he claimed that had taken a loan which he would return. I must say that there are many similar cases.

– In other words, one side was clearly cheating and intended to extort money.

– Yes, that’s why I try to ask many questions. Sometimes people get angry in that situation, but it is necessary to inquire as to not cause any problem.

– If the percentage ratio, with what issues most frequently apply to your office?

– Given the territorial nature. This is the only office in Nork – Marash and there are no apartment buildings here. The most common issues are related to privatization, heritage and other.

– Corruption is present in almost all sectors. How is it displayed in the Notary system?

– In fact there is almost no corruption in the Notary System. The price lists are posted in all offices, and citizens are aware of the costs of their transactions. So, as a result of transparent activities corruption is excluded. Given the fact that we are the highest taxed body. Notary turnover tax is 20 percent, no similar taxation framework exists.

– Is it bad or good?

– It is bad. All the activities are laid on the notary; the price is generated from state duty and service charges. The notary is obliged to keep the offices, pay wages and so on with the remaining.

– Were there any proposals or initiatives?

– There have been many and the data was submitted to the Government. Annual revenues are investigated; the notary’s is so-called with “minus”.

– I see a young man’s photo in your office. Is he your son? Is he an athlete?

– Yes, he is a swimmer.

– How many children do you have?

– One son. He is going to be a doctor. My husband is a doctor as well.

– Your hobbies?

– Cooking, I like to cook interesting dishes.

– What is the dish that you love to cook and eat as well?

– Hotchpotch, “piti” and baked puddings. I like them very much. My son also learned to kook well.

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