What does the Fight against Corruption look Like in the Developed and Developing Countries?

Commitment to the public interest, incorruptibility, consistency, chasing dreams (goals and vision), professionalism, and organizing skills – these are the main characteristics of a leader of fight against corruption. These very qualities were presented today to the participants of the Anti-Corruption School for Young Leaders by Karen Zadoyan, co-founder of the U.S. Alumni Association, the AYLA President, and the coordinator of the secretariat of the CSOs Anti-Corruption Coalition.

Two leaders of fight against corruption were presented at today’s training: Li Kuan Yew and Maria Chin Abdullah.

Karen Zadoyan noted that Li Kuan Yew is the founding father of independent Singapore, and an anti-corruption figure at a global scale. He was a leader who had a dream and possessed the consistent political will to make that dream become a reality.

Maria Chin Abdullah is the leader of the Malaysian anti-corruption movement and Bersih (The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections). According to Karen Zadoyan, Bersih has organized four major nationwide protests in 1997, 2011, 2012, and 2015.

The last meeting of the Coalition took place on 29-30 August which was when the protesters accused Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak of stealing $700million. Karen Zadoyan noted that even though the rally was unauthorized thousands of people gathered at the main square of the country. “Moreover, the government had prohibited any mass media coverage of the protests but the people continued to come on their own. That is to say, if there are values you believe in, you don’t necessarily need to be informed about them, you will just participate since those values are no more your own values,” said the AYLA President adding that a criminal case was filed against Maria Chin Abdullah and her eight followers who got accused of organizing unauthorized rallies and nationwide protests, as well as calling for rebellion. Nevertheless, none of that can stop the anti-corruption fight in Malaysia that keeps gaining momentum every day.

Board member of the Young Armenian Lawyers Association, attorney Syuzanna Soghomonyan spoke about the notion of integrity.

According to her, integrity is an ensemble of characteristic principles that are designed for and embedded in an organization, to boost trust and justified actions among beneficiaries of a state body. In other words, the notion of integrity also includes the element of accountability.

The attorney also paid special attention to the issue of transparency of grants allocated from the state budget, the work of the Control Chamber, and introduced the international expertise.

How can integrity be strengthened in state sector? The attorney suggests the following solutions: making and distributing TV programs, doing group discussions and interviews with authorized persons, carrying out official investigations, using public broadcasting and operating websites.

During discussions the participants asked questions to the speakers, presented their own opinions and approaches.

The Armenian Young Lawyers Association” NGO organize the Anti-Corruption School for Young Leaders in the framework of the U.S. Alumni Outreach Grants Program with financial support of the US Embassy in Armenia.

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